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We specialize in creating drawings using Revit, CAD & Tekla. Provide comprehensive BIM services for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Since experienced technical people are hard to find these days. You might be interested in our remote services.

Our Services

Create accurate and detailed steel shop drawings using Tekla and CAD, optimizing the fabrication and installation process. Ensure compliance with project specifications and standards. Enhance the coordination and visualization of steel assemblies for your projects.

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Develop detailed Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) and Fire Protection (FP) designs and shop drawings with Revit and CAD. Improve installation accuracy and efficiency. Facilitate better coordination among AEC professionals through precise documentation.

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Utilize advanced 3D scanning and reality capture technologies for accurate site surveys and as-built documentation. Streamline project planning and design processes. Facilitate precise modifications and renovations with detailed 3D models.

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Create stunning 3D Renderings, bringing projects to life before construction begins. Provide immersive experiences with photorealistic renderings and animations. Aid decision-making and client approvals with high-quality visual aids.

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Craft interactive walkthroughs, flythroughs, and virtual tours that allow clients and stakeholders to explore projects in a virtual environment. Enhance project presentations and marketing efforts. Offer engaging and detailed project views from anywhere in the world.

Provide dedicated Revit manpower for comprehensive BIM modeling support across all stages of the construction lifecycle. Enhance project efficiency and accuracy with expert BIM services. Facilitate seamless integration and coordination among project teams.

Offer tailored BIM implementation services, developing custom office BIM standards for optimal workflow. Guide the adoption of BIM technology to improve project outcomes. Provide strategic consultancy to maximize the benefits of BIM across projects.

Deliver comprehensive IT, Audiovisual (AV), and security system design using Revit and CAD. Integrate advanced technology solutions seamlessly into your architectural plans. Enhance the functionality and safety of your projects with expertly designed systems.

Produce accurate quantity take-offs and estimates with Planswift and Revit, ensuring precise project budgeting and planning. Minimize errors and streamline the pre-construction process. Provide detailed materials and labor estimates for more effective project management.

Offer full-service architectural design solutions using Revit and CAD. Create innovative and sustainable designs tailored to client needs. Ensure thorough documentation and accurate detailing for smooth project realization.

Specialize in structural design services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects using Revit, Tekla, and CAD. Ensure structural integrity and compliance with codes. Optimize materials and structural solutions for cost-effectiveness and safety.

Generate precise stone shop drawings detailing sizing, detailing, and installation specifics. Facilitate accurate fabrication and execution of stonework in construction projects. Enhance the aesthetic and functional quality of your builds with detailed stone documentation.

Produce detailed reinforced concrete shop drawings, highlighting rebar placement, dimensions, and bending schedules. Improve the accuracy and speed of reinforced concrete constructions. Ensure projects meet structural design and building code requirements.

Implement BIM 4D services using Navisworks and Synchro Pro to manage project timelines and construction scheduling effectively. Visualize project progress through simulation. Enhance project planning and monitoring with integrated 4D modeling techniques.

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